8th Annual Conference testimonials

"The group have this year opened my eyes further to the progression of the modern law firm and given me further avenues to explore in my team. I hope they are ready!" 

Rebecca Harbron Gray, Gordon Brown Law Firm

"An inspirational event which will re-energise your business." 

Matthew Elias, Nigel Davis Solicitors

"As ever an invigorating series of discussions with many excellent but common sense ideas." 

Jonathan Wellington, Watkins and Gunn Solicitors

"Another valuable event that makes me sit restlessly in my office chair....perfect at re-energising and inspiring."

Emily Raw, Jobling Gowler

"We bought our two new partners along with the promise of a refreshing, innovative and thought provoking conference and we weren’t disappointed. Great stuff - I can’t wait to get back to the office to put this into practice."

Clive Thomas, Watkins and Gunn Solicitors

"A moment in a busy life to reflect, with expert guidance, on why and how we should do what we do. Inspirational and relevant. Thank you!" 

Stan Willietts. Wright Solicitors

"Very good quality speakers.  Useful to look down onto the business rather than working in it." 

Andrew Tilley, Dutton Gregory

"A conference that always provides food for thought."

Louise Taylor, Fishers Solicitors

"The conference incorporated some insightful topics presented by impressive speakers.  I would encourage all of my clients to attend." 

Georgina Badine, Barclays

"It is refreshing to attend a conference with such an informative programme of topics and high quality presenters.  I have walked away with lots of ideas to take back to my business."

Debra Jardine, PDQ Partnership

"Another stimulating event for the brain."

Michael Stone, Colemans Solicitors LLP

"Invaluable as ever.  Good use of time away from the office, time to stand back and evaluate practise."

Amanda Glover, Bakerlaw

"A great annual fixture that no firm can afford to miss."

Matthew Elias, Nigel Davis Solicitors

"Working within a closed environment within my law firm it is good to come to such events to not only see first- hand what is happening in the legal world in general but also to share experiences and find out where help is." 

Hamish Mason, Dee and Griffin

"Rejuvenating!  Will be going back to the office on Monday full of ideas to implement and make a difference."

Sophie Hughes, Watkins and Gunn Solicitors

"Great speakers.  Good value."

Mandeep Gill, ARKrights Solicitors

"The conference won’t make you a better lawyer but the tips and tools delivered at conference will help you develop a better legal business."

Steve Arundale, NatWest

"An opportunity to understand what is new, link up with best practice and compare notes with fellow professionals."

Judith Heale, Gregg Latchams Ltd

"The speakers and exhibitors are friendly and fully support the group's ethos.  I get a family feel from the day."

Paul McCluskey. Lloyds Bank

Membership testimonials

“Being members of the group has been incredibly valuable. Strategic advice, fresh ideas and support when we need it has helped considerably with our growth over recent years and kept us at the forefront of legal innovation.”

Clive Thomas, Managing Partner, Watkins and Gunn Solicitors

“Brethertons LLP are members of the group for no other reason than its great value and offers a measurable ROI. The conferences and meetings always provide at least one real benefit which we take away and put into action.”

Shaun Jardine, Partner, Brethertons Solicitors

“I would recommend membership of the group to any law firms who are serious about developing their business in these difficult times. I have found their help invaluable.”

Denis Stevenson, Managing Director, Rowlinsons Solicitors

"The group always work very hard to find ways in which to add value, and bring new ideas and thinking, to all their marketing efforts and initiatives on behalf of their members."

Ross Hood, Partner, Morisons LLP