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A Guide to Opening Up your Law Firm's Office after Lockdown

  • Posted

As law firm owners, leaders, and managers, the pandemic has led to increased pressures, heightened emotions and ongoing risks to our businesses, people within our businesses and clients. With the current plan to ease lockdown, how is this going to affect...

Keeping your Law Firm Safe by Maintaining Compliance

  • Posted

With daily updates from the Prime Minister, the seriousness of the ongoing pandemic is heightened with each day. There is a lot of support available from various providers and we are here to offer full operational and management assistance for those of...

'CUT and PASTE' approach to AML

  • Posted

We have read in the Law Society Gazette this week that the SRA are concerned at firm’s “CUT and PASTE” approach to AML. Speaking from experience, I would say that this approach is not just in relation to the AML, and its far more...

Price Transparency Rules

  • Posted

As we approach the December have you started to consider the new transparency rules and how you are going to comply with rules which the SRA aim to provide clients with all the information they will require to make an informed decision as to which firm they...

Risk Management White Paper from LawNet

  • Posted

LawNet have been conducting research and have produced a white paper outlining the research findings . This is not only a worthwhile and informative read, but it affirms all the things I tell firms when I am assisting them with...