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A Guide to Opening Up your Law Firm's Office after Lockdown

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Guide to lifting lockdown in your law firm coverAs law firm owners, leaders, and managers, the pandemic has led to increased pressures, heightened emotions and ongoing risks to our businesses, people within our businesses and clients.

With the current plan to ease lockdown, how is this going to affect you, your firm’s staff, and clients?  Planning for the lifting of lockdown is now an essential aspect of your business planning and you will need to adapt for different scenarios as things unfold.  You must be mindful that lockdown may become more stringent in the future and with the potential for waves which will undoubtedly affect you.

How you have communicated to staff, dealt with the pandemic thus far will have a wider impact on when and how staff come back to work.  If you asked your staff how they “felt” the pandemic has been handled within your organisations how do you think you would fair?   Communication throughout is key to your business and will continue to be fundamental in building your businesses back up.

We have developed this guide to help advise you on how you should approach opening up your office.