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"Bring on 'the change' because we're ready!" Can you say this?

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When you look at your firm, what fundamental changes have taken place in the way you operate or deliver legal services?  Can you honestly say what I suggested in the subject?  Are you ‘ready’?

But ‘ready for what?’ is the key question, I guess.
Do you read about legal tech and innovation but then return to using the same tools that your firm has used for the last 10 or 15 years?
Why is it that we lawyers view change as a challenge rather than an opportunity? What is it that holds us back?
A skill that we develop and value as lawyers is that we question absolutely everything especially when it comes to what can possibly go wrong. This is great for client work, but when you switch hats from lawyer to business owner does this skill become a negative? Do we focus on what may not work or might go wrong, thus we talk ourselves out of moving forward?
The mindset of being open to change, combined with other traits such as not being open to being managed, being generally highly sceptical and dare I say it a little sensitive to criticism, can mean lawyers are more than just ‘slightly’ resistant to change.
In 2020, when faced with the reality of COVID-19, law firms picked up their practices and took them home.  Some with a few days’ notice, and others within weeks. Most firms are now facing a future of home or hybrid working, the benefits of which include reduced commuting time and cost savings on office space and of course, improved work/life balance.
So agile decision making, speedy and sustainable change are possible!
I am working with firms who, seeing the benefits of recent organisational changes, are now committing to change and most importantly future-proofing their business.
I urge you not to lose momentum, look at the challenges ahead, focus on solutions and those challenges will start to present themselves as opportunities.  It’s becoming a manifesto of sorts for me.
If you wish to have a no-obligation discussion about what this change looks like in your firm, then let me know and I’ll set something up.