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Keeping your Law Firm Safe by Maintaining Compliance

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With daily updates from the Prime Minister, the seriousness of the ongoing pandemic is heightened with each day. There is a lot of support available from various providers and we are here to offer full operational and management assistance for those of you who are in the process of considering furloughing staff or those of you who do not have the resources already in your firm. In essence we can parachute into help you.

The fear and panic that is spread throughout may be hindering you from what you need to do for the present and the future.  As business owners and partners of firms, you will be looking to professionals such as the team at Symphony Legal to help you navigate the stormy waters which follow.

So how can we help?

Now more than ever you need to consider key functions within your firm, in particular Compliance.  With remote working, I would ask you the following questions:

  • How are you continuing to on board clients, whilst ensuring you comply with AML Regulations and Client Due Diligence?
  • If you are planning to furlough staff then have you considered an outsourced service?
  • Are your current policies fit for purpose given the unprecedented position we find ourselves in?
  • Have you reviewed your Risk Management measures to include the firm, employees, clients and suppliers?
  • How are you supervising your staff?
  • Are you undertaking Risk Assessments both in terms of clients and staff?
  • What will happen if your COLP/COFA or key members of the team are unable to work due to COVID-19?
  • What is your current management structure and what is plan B?
  • What is your strategy post COVID-19?​

We do not know in these uncertain times when things will return to normal and for now we are looking at a new kind of normal.   

The team at Symphony Legal are fully equipped and available to assist you, so that we can keep your firm safe and ensure you are in a strong position for the future of your firm, employees and clients.