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Symphony Legal appoints Vidisha Joshi as managing director

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Symphony Legal has appointed former award-winning managing partner Vidisha Joshi as managing director and she has also become a shareholder. Vidisha, who has more than 20 years’ experience in the legal sector, has been a consultant at Symphony since August.

Vidisha was previously the youngest ever managing partner of a top 200 law firm at Hodge Jones & Allen before joining Symphony.

She said: “I am delighted to have been offered this exciting opportunity and look forward to working further with the fantastic consultants in the business. Since joining I have been impressed by their level of expertise and the great service offered to clients.”

I am looking to increase the number of consultants we have under the Symphony banner and further improve the service we offer our clients. Our aim is to take the pressure off law firms and help them to grow as businesses. I want to continue doing that while offering clients even more support on a regular basis.

David Gilroy, managing director of sister company Conscious Solutions, said: “Having known Vidisha for three years It was a pleasure to welcome her to Symphony Legal as a consultant back in August".

But what was immediately obvious to me was that Vidisha had far more to offer Conscious Solutions and Symphony Legal over and above just being a consultant. So it was a natural progression to invite Vidisha as a business partner in the newly created Symphony Legal Limited.” 

“The big change is that Symphony Legal now has a talented leader who has deep legal sector experience gained over the past 20 years.

At Hodge Jones & Allen Vidisha’s leadership was integral in stabilising the firm and turning it into a thriving business with 230 staff and a turnover of £20 million.

She also spearheaded a strategy for cultural change, implemented operational efficiencies that maximised gross margins and diversified the services offered by the firm to increase profitability.

Vidisha led on the project to turn HJA into the first major law firm to become an employee ownership trust, under the John Lewis model.

She has won numerous awards for herself, including Woman of the Year at the Society of Asian Lawyers, and for HJA under her leadership, including Law Firm of the Year for The Lawyer and LexisNexis.