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Offshoring and Outsourcing

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It’s certainly not a new consideration but law firms are now actively considering legal process outsourcing. The acquisition of MyHomeMove by the Simplify Group has made many firms concerned on how to deliver a conveyancing proposition profitably.

The UK Legal sector is facing its biggest change for 300 years – a combination of several factors are contributing to this significant issue. The reluctance to change legal service by the profession has now been forced by the regulatory and legislative change coupled with a succession crisis is forcing many firms to rethink strategy.

Of the 10,000 or so law firms operating in England and Wales, only 15% of these remain a traditional partnership from 100% just over 10 years ago; we only have 17% of the profession LLP’s leaving a staggering 68% of the profession now incorporated bodies. We have a crisis in succession with many firms of a traditional nature finding it impossible to create an exit strategy. Consolidation is inevitable and this in itself can create huge opportunities for progressive practice.

Personal injury and legal aid are the first challenged sectors but competition from Accountants and Financial services in any processed legal service, in particular, conveyancing and probate are having a dramatic impact on a law firm’s future.

So, how do you cope with this more competitive environment that is having a downward spiral on prices? Are you a progressive practice that is prepared to embrace these changes and enjoy a sustainable and profitable future?

That’s what our partner Anza Solutions provide so please read on if you wish to find out more about how to survive in this maelstrom of change.

Many firms are finding it difficult to find good conveyancing staff as many of them do not enjoy the more mundane aspects of the conveyancing process such as file opening, Searches, post completion dealing with SDT and AP1 forms. Professional Indemnity premiums increase for non-specialist conveyancing firms and a poor claims history could impact on the remainder of the firm.

There is no doubt that cloud-based technology and workflows that de-risk a process enables firms to employ CILEX, and licenced conveyancers to complete matters.

If your firm wants to compete in these processed areas such as conveyancing what can you do?

  • Invest in technology – if you haven’t already
  • Review processes and procedures
  • Consider a separate vehicle with a different regulator.

Outsourcing and offshoring have to be considered if you want to remain profitable. Explore what progressive firms are doing in learning how to compete. Whilst, not every solution works for everyone – be selective.

Anza Solutions LLP have processes and systems constructed by lawyers specifically for law firms to compete in the challenging market.

It will cost you nothing to have an informal chat with one of their experienced team.

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