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Price Transparency Rules - Failure to adhere to the rules put nine firms in the dock - Make sure that's not your firm!

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How confident are you that you are fully compliant with the SRA price transparency rules? 

If you hesitated even slightly, you must read on, then take immediate action.

This week it was clear that the SRA (Solicitors Regulation Authority) is clamping down on firms caught flouting the rules with nine law firms failing to publish price and service information. Four of them were fined between £1,000 and £2,000 with the other five being rebuked. The SRA has said that they will be reviewing websites to ascertain non-compliances.

For CLC (Council for Licensed Conveyancers) regulated firms, the CLC have already been reviewing websites and price transparency will certainly be one of the things they are looking at.

The purpose of the price transparency rules and the research behind them is to provide good quality information, to potential and existing consumers and to enable them to make the best decision for the type of service they require and within their budgets.

We predicted this would be an issue if firms were not compliant and the impact it would have on the business. On 14 December, we published a blog post highlighting some fantastic examples and top tips of what you can do to be compliant under the new rules.

For your peace of mind we are able to offer advice on pricing transparency, which includes

  • A full review of the price transparency in line with their templates
  • A brief RAG report
  • A mystery shop to ensure that staff know the rules when providing estimates

The cost for this service is just £400 +VAT. For further information please contact:

Ensuring you are compliant with the rules can increase your client base if you use them the right way to win the work and clients you want.    You can then be secure in the knowledge that you have your pricing in order and can concentrate on other matters within your firm.