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Symphony Legal announces two new consultants to its team

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Award-winning former managing partner Vidisha Joshi is joining Symphony Legal as a consultant specialising in strategy and operations and Jessica Kemp an experienced marketing consultant, business owner and business growth mentor with Business Wales is joining as a consultant specialising in marketing strategy and business growth.

Vidisha Joshi, Strategy and Operations Consultant

Vidisha, who has more than 20 years’ experience in the legal sector, was previously the youngest ever managing partner of a top 200 law firm at Hodge Jones & Allen (HJA).

Vidisha’s leadership was integral in stabilising HJA and turning the firm into a thriving business with 230 staff and a turnover of £20 million. Profits were doubled in two years under her tenure.

She also spearheaded a strategy for cultural change, implemented operational efficiencies that maximised gross margins and diversified the services offered by the firm to increase profitability.

Vidisha led on the project to turn HJA into the first major law firm to become an employee owned trust (EOT) “the John Lewis model”. She speaks regularly on law firm management, diversity and inclusion and succession planning and has made regular contributions to the Law Society Gazette and LPM magazine.

She has won numerous awards including Woman of the Year 2019 at the Society of Asian Lawyers, and for HJA under her leadership, including Law Firm of the Year 2019 for The Lawyer and LexisNexis.

Vidisha said “I am delighted to be joining Symphony Legal and hope my expertise will further add to the impressive array of talent the consultancy already has. This is an exciting opportunity for me, and I am looking forward to using my strategic and operational knowledge to help make law firms become better businesses.”

Jessica Kemp, Marketing Consultant

Jessica is an experienced Marketing Consultant and has been helping people with their businesses for over 20 years’. Working with owners and managers to streamline their business during times of austerity. Her strengths are helping, guiding, educating, training and mentoring on the latest best practices to help individuals, businesses and organisations manage change and compete in their marketplace.  

Jessica is passionate about marketing strategy, business growth, and helping her clients develop new propositions and enter new markets with her dedicated support. She is also an experience business owner and business growth mentor with Business Wales. Jessica is also studying to become a Barrister and have recently joined BPP Law school due to her ever growing interest in the law.

Jessica said “I have an ever-growing interest in the law, and I am keen to get started at Symphony Legal and demonstrate my passion to help law firms. Whether that’s helping them develop new propositions through marketing strategy, best practices or mentoring. The legal and tech community have the opportunity and responsibility to restructure and reinvent legal services, to meet and exceed the evolving demands of business and society, in our digital world”.

Viv Williams, Consulting Director added “We are in extremely challenging times and many law firms are reflecting on what the future might hold, but with the help of our team and the appointment of our new consultants Vidisha and Jessica, who bring a wealth of experience within the sector and strong leadership skills; I have no doubt we are an unrivalled resource for all legal businesses”.

About Symphony Legal

Symphony Legal is one of the UK's leading, and largest consultancy serving solely the legal profession. Our team of experts have many years’ of experience in the legal sector behind them and have all previously held key roles within the sector. Those roles include working and managing in private practice, many years of superb experience in ancillary professions, literally thousands of consultancy roles, and working within the regulatory framework that governs the sector.


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