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The legal sector is facing a huge challenge.

Of the 10,400 firms in the UK we have seen almost a complete change in the dynamics of the profession in the last decade.  From being 100% partnership based, to now 68% of law firms being incorporated companies; only 17% are LLP’s leaving just 15% as traditional partnerships.

Legislative change is affecting key areas such as personal injury and Legal Aid and the opening up of competition by accountants for probate and financial services and private equity money moving into the conveyancing sector.  Couple this with law firm successfully raising money on the LSE and AIM plus a continued ‘succession plan’ crisis, and all this means that change is inevitable  and will affect all firms in some way.

There have been approximately 5,000 new firms being formed in the past few years and many of these represent a new type of law firm – specialist, niche and hungry for new business.

Trusted Xperts is a new network and might be a logical move for many firms to take advantage of to increase new business opportunities. It is designed for local financial services firms, accountants and law firms to join forces to increase the number of new business opportunities available to each business

This national brand will create new business for those firms that wish to grow. As a founder member you can take advantage of initial offers and opportunities

We might wish to visit the website and take a look at what they have to offer.  You have absolutely nothing to lose and everything to gain.