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Why you should attend Source by Charlie Swan

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Good afternoon. My name is Charlie Swan. I'm a founding director of PCA Law. And we specialise in the legal sector, supporting leading lawyers and leading business service professionals like yourselves with their conversations. We're delighted to be joining you at Symphony Legal's Source Conference in November. It looks like a really fascinating day, focusing on inspiration, ideas, and innovation, which for any firm represents a real and exciting opportunity.

However, the same inspiration, ideas, and innovation can quite naturally lead to change, and some or many of those changes are often unappealing or, indeed, unwanted either at the individual level, and certainly across many areas of a firm. We're going to be using our short amount of time together at the conference to use a forum theatre demonstration, to quickly bring to life the types of change conversations that you might find yourself having day to day, either with colleagues and/or your clients.

Together, we're going to use this opportunity to examine how we can navigate these change conversations successfully, so you can confidently and efficiently address change in practise in order to drive innovation and growth. We're really looking forward to spending our time with you at the conference. In the meantime, enjoy the next few weeks and we look forward to seeing you there.