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Hi, I'm Kate from theGrogroup. And myself, Paul, and Simon are really looking forward to seeing you all at the Symphony Law Conference in November. This is a quick video to give you a little insight into what we will be covering on the day.

We're going to be running to session on our business simulation Ready for Business. And this board gives you a little bit more of an insight into what we'll doing. They'll be a great opportunity to get your competitive juices flowing as you'll all be running your own professional services firms and competing against each other. So you'll be setting your own strategy and then you'll be running some important decisions around the board, like how much you're going to spend on business development, how the firm is financed and also actually paying out some of those costs of employing your great advisors in terms of the overheads and all of those staffing costs that come.

I'm really looking forward to seeing which team wins and actually helping to see the impact that what seems like quite decisions can have on the profit and the cash of the business. I can't wait to see which teams have the most in their piggy banks at the end of the day. Look forward to seeing you all in November.

However, If you would rather watch me talk about the conference then see below.