Convince your boss

Why Should Your Boss Send You To The Source Conference?

We get it. Your travel, training and marketing budget is tight. There's a load of work to be done. It makes sense that your boss is a little hesitant to spend the money required to send you away from work for a few days. But we know it's worth it. And, this is STILL work, this is no ‘jolly’, let’s dispel that myth right now.

There’s an often-used expression that goes like this.  “We need to remember to work ‘on’ our business not just ‘in’ our business” and the Source conference is the perfect chance to work on your business/skills.

How to Answer Common Objections with Confidence

Objection #1: “The conference is too expensive.”
Response: Other conferences can cost considerably more than this.  The PM Forum Annual Conference is £620+VAT for just ONE day.  The PSMG Annual Conference in 2019 is going to cost £650+VAT, again for just one day.

Also, be sure to talk about the value of creating a network of law firm staff like you that you can turn to when faced with a challenge. And if you want to bring your team, talk about the value of “learning together”.

Objection #2: “Source is just like any other law firm conference. It’s just filled with lofty ideas and big parties.”

Response: Source is specifically designed for law firms so that their delegates learn by ‘doing’.  There will be no falling asleep in the back row or sneaking a read of a few emails on your phone.  Delegates are going to be fully engaged in ‘experiental learning’, so you can be assured that I won’t be wasting my time with sessions that don’t address our particular challenges.

All of the speakers are experts, hand-picked by the Symphony Legal team as they are the best in their field.  I will learn the steps (and how to do them) to actually implement new tactics and strategies when I get back to the office.

Sure, there is a social aspect to the conference and that’s an important aspect of building a network of peers I can call on when I need to.

Objection #3: “It’s too much time away from work.”

Response: I’ve come prepared with a plan of how I’ll cover my responsibilities while I’m away. By dedicating a day & a half, I’ll be able to focus and fully immerse myself in “learning mode,” which will allow me to execute what I learn faster and give me new ideas to help us reach our goals faster.

Objection #4: “You can learn the same content from webinars and articles.”

Response: Webinars and articles can fill some gaps, but they can’t replace an in-person conference with the experiential learning provided in the two keynote sessions from PCA Law and theGrogroup.  There’s also the chance to network directly with speakers and other attendees to ask the targeted questions I have, so we can meet our specific goals

Use Social Proof

Use these testimonials as needed.

“The team at PCA Law is brilliant! Their sessions are slick, engaging and entertaining. The key messages are well communicated and really make you think about how you and your firm operates.”

Jennie Skingsley


“Forget about Cluedo. Forget about Monopoly. If you want creativity and understanding on why closing timesheets and raising invoices are so important for cashflow and payroll obligations, theGrogroup Ready4Business simulation game is the one to play (a real eye-opener in my case).”

Top 100 Law Firm Lawyer

“theGrogroup Ready4Business simulation game was a brilliant look at the practicalities of the financial side of a law firm and at the law firm as a business. But it was delivered in a memorable and entertaining way! This was a brilliant and interactive session.”

Shakespeare Martineau Lawyer

If you need additional assistance convincing your boss, let us know how we can help!