Source Conference 2020

This year's Symphony Legal annual conference is going to be hosted virtually on Remo, supported by our sister brand Conscious Solutions.  


We have designed what we hope you will agree is not your typical law firm conference.  Below is a brief outline of the agenda to whet your appetite for what is going to be a fantastic full-days conference. The conference is split into morning and afternoon sessions with plenty of opportunity for networking before and during the conference and a two hour lunch break so you can check back in with your team, if you wish! ;-)






10:00Let's Talk About Race
Caroline Flanagan
How many conversations have you had about race this year? My guess is not nearly as many as you should have. Not because you haven't wanted to or recognised the need to, but because any conversation about race right now is destined to be a difficult one.  In my talk, I hope to change that for you.
10:45Preventing Burnout in your Law Firm
Leah Steele
Stress is an issue for lawyers, with ever more cases hitting the legal press, but what happens when stress is left unchecked and unmanaged? It can result in burnout, leaving individuals exhausted, cynical and unable to perform at anything close to their best. For firms, it results in lowered billing and profitability, higher staff turnover rates and contributes to a toxic work environment. This session is designed to help you identify and manage stress and burnout risks within yourself and your firm.




The Perfect Legal Business: The Two Ways to Grow a Law Firm
Simon McCrum
There are two ways to grow a law firm – the easy way and the hard way. The hard way is to go on the hunt for loads of new clients – people who don’t know you. Do it without any way of differentiating your law firm from others. So that you have to give a “best price” to get the new clients in. And then deliver an erratic service. And have the new client owned by one team or even by one lawyer. And if you are successful at getting lots of such new clients in, you’ll need more lawyers. And what when the new clients are slow payers? Or you can do what The Perfect Legal Business does. It does it the easy way…  


14:45Networking & Wigwam Break
15:15Succession Planning in a Post-COVID Era
Vidisha Joshi, Viv Williams & Trish Kinahan

Pre-COVID-19 the profession was faced with a huge succession issue - an ageing population of partners; fewer potential new partners; the need to find cash to pay out the larger capital account balances for retiring partners to name just a few. The pandemic has heightened those concerns and now is the time for firms to realise nothing lasts forever.


In this session the panel will discuss the importance of succession planning and the need to be part of a proactive, strategy-led approach. The sooner this is on your firm’s agenda the greater the likelihood of you finding robust solution which will not only remove uncertainty but could also provide opportunities for business change and growth.

15:45Comedy - Jeremy Nicholas
16:15Wrap-up & Networking





Symphony Legal Members (Full Membership)Two free tickets for members
Symphony Legal Members (Others)One free ticket
Symphony Legal Members (Additional tickets)£39 + VAT (& possible booking fees)
Conscious Customers£39 + VAT (& possible booking fees)
General Delegate£59 + VAT (& possible booking fees)






No refunds. Delegates may be swapped out at no charge up to five days before the event.